You know there is something your child wants to say. You know he or she is trying to tell you something, but you just don’t always know what it is.
You know how frustrated you both are.

The power of communicating can make the difference between living for your child  and living with your child.

Introducing:  AAC 101; Getting started and Moving On with AAC

An on-line  course for parents and professionals for children who are  nonverbal or minimally verbal, and who do not yet have  a reliable means of communicating with symbolic language. * 

*Intended for use with children who are physically able to make a  response to choose a picture.

           Hear what people are saying:    "Just what I needed for AAC implementation!" 


  • Learning is presented through :

    engaging videos, 

    colorful infographics, 

    clear how-to handouts 

    easy to use charts


I will help you unlock your child’s power to communicate by teaching you the all-important first steps to using AAC.

You will learn:
What makes a robust AAC system -
and you will be given a system to start with if you don’t have one,
What are the key strategies to use to teach picture communication use
     and you will be taught how to use them,
What else your child needs to communicate besides requests
     and how to teach those messages,
What pitfalls many parents and teachers fall into
     and how to avoid them,
What to do to expand your child’s responses,
    so they can become effective communicators.

Taught by a Speech-Language Pathologist with more than 40 years experience working with AAC and nonverbal individuals

I have been working with nonverbal kids for more than 45 years; more than 42 of them as a speech-language pathologist.  I own my own private practice, where I am involved in the evaluation of people - young and old - who require alternative and/or augmentative modes of communication (AAC), and with training their families and support/education staff to integrate AAC into their daily activities to improve their communication competence and effectiveness. I present workshops nationally on AAC and on literacy for students who use AAC, have published in peer-reviewed professional journals, and blog about language and literacy and AAC at

In Module 1 you learn what you need in a sufficiently robust AAC system:
You get a robust communication book to use so that you can apply the strategies and your child has access to enough vocabulary
You get a 100 core word communication board so that you can experience the power of core words
You get handouts of strategies so that you can apply them to how you communicate with your child
With these strategies in hand, you can start applying them right away to improve your communication with your child

In Module 2 you will learn about the number 1 strategy for teaching AAC use; Aided Language Stimulation
You get a step by step guide of how to use this strategy to immerse your child in picture based communication
You get tools for supporting communication opportunities that you can take with you and apply to communication in any environment 
You get activity scripting tools so that you can think about and plan out the language to use in motivating  activities

In Module 3 you will learn about using routines to build communication You get communication temptations and sabotage planning tools to plan ways to engineer the environment
You get many, many examples of how to create communication opportunities, so you can apply the strategies you’ve learned
You get a planning tool to use to build language opportunities into routine activities


In Module 4 you will learn about the variety of functions of communication, and how to extend them
You get 2 ‘Functions of Communication’ visual cues to use in the environment to help you remember to use different intents throughout interactions
You get a functions planning tool, so you can plan specifically how to apply them to your interactions with your child

In Module 5 you will learn about the stages of language use and how to expand your child’s responses beyond single words
You get a language milestones guide to help you plan for the “next step” in your goals for your child
You get many examples of how to word these ‘next step’ at different levels, so you know how to move your child along the continuum

If you’ve been wondering where to begin to try to teach your child to use AAC, If you’ve been wondering where and how to get started,
If you want to end the cycle of frustration and teach your child to communicate with you starting now, then register for this course now and start learning the skills you need, today.

I Promise

You will have the tools you need, based on current research and Best Practices to begin to teach your nonverbal child to communicate.

Please Note:

  • This course does not cover the various AAC access modes needed for children with significant motor or vision disorders.  This course is intended for children who are able to make a direct selection of a picture .

Enroll for this course now, so that you can learn the
4 Steps to the POWER of Communication with AAC